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Our law office calculates its renumeration for provided legal services to its clients in accordance with Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll., on fees and remuneration of lawyers for the provision of legal services (lawyer’s tariff), as amended.

The renumeration is mostly agreed between the law office and the client as:

  • time-based remuneration (as a rule: hourly rate) – depending on number of hours of provided services and/or,
  • flat-rate remuneration – for certain amount of legal services during a certain period of time (as a rule: monthly or yearly fee). 

It is also possible to agree on the remuneration as follows:

  • share-based remuneration – is set as a certain percentage of value of the case,
  • transaction remuneration – for complete legal services in a certain case,
  • remuneration based on success in the dispute (“success fee”) – is set as additional remuneration in case of complicated disputes and/or complex cases. 

Laws and regulations applicable to the lawyer’s profession also permit to agree on “action remuneration” (agreed fee is charged for each action made, and/or at the amount stipulated by the lawyer’s tariff) and/or a combination of the above-mentioned types of remuneration.